Ethic Metal Recycling Industry and Trade Inc., our primary goal is to present and recycle the best quality scrap metal and non-metal scraps to the industrial sector.

Globally, our country is one of the most precious metal producers. We desire to create value by sharing our global experience with the industry. With the results to be achieved in this direction, we continue our activities with the intention of creating opportunities in many areas such as making our industry a leader in mass production, ensuring energy savings, becoming a long-term supplier and reducing the need for pure raw materials.

We continue our work with an understanding that provides "value" and "trust" to our customers, adopting quality, innovative and operational excellence as a principle. In line with our goals, we take firm steps forward with the aim of developing all kinds of infrastructure investments and cooperation.

As a result of our collaborations with Europe and overseas, we produce and supply products used in the aluminum, steel and ferro-alloy industries. We also produce and supply typical raw materials such as products for the secondary and primary aluminum industry, sheet metal and profile scrap. With our shredder system specially designed for aluminum scrap, scrap is mechanically shredded and can be broken down into iron and organic components. We also provide services for the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly recycling of aluminum scrap.

We develop and implement a process and efficiency oriented Quality Management System in order to maintain the quality policy under all conditions and to meet customer expectations in an error-free and meticulous manner.

It is our primary goal to take all kinds of corrective and preventive actions to reduce environmental pollution. We have adopted the principle of working towards the efficient use of energy and natural resources. In addition to fulfilling our legal responsibilities, we continue to provide environmentally friendly continuous development and improvement in the planning and implementation of our fields of activity.

We work in accordance with applicable laws and regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety. We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment. In line with this goal, we care and undertake to fulfill our responsibility for the creation of healthy individuals and workforce.

In all activities carried out; It is our most important responsibility to ensure the continuity of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, which are the three basic elements of the information security management system, by handling information security within the framework of risk management. Our other purpose is to fulfill the legal and relevant legislative requirements, to meet the obligations arising from agreements, to provide information security requirements arising from corporate responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders. We continue our efforts to maintain, improve and improve the level of information security over time.