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Ethic Metal Recycling Industry and Trade Inc. The company was formed by the combination of experienced names who have been working in many fields globally since 1988.

Company founder graduated from Adolf Kolping Art Vocational School in Germany with outstanding success. Continuing his education in Germany, he started to work on the industry and raw materials sector after completing his training in Strategy in 1991 and Economy in 1993. Until 1998, he worked at Karmann GmbH in automobile production. During his tenure, he worked in various fields of production and also held additional positions in strategy and patent registration issues. In particular, he worked in the production of Aston Martin, Porsche, Renault Megan, Mercedes CLK series cars, technical purchasing processes, supplier industry relations and mass production planning processes.

Since 2000, he has traveled in various countries to get to know new cultures and to develop new business relationships. As a result of the relationships it has gained during these travels, it has made investments related to the recycling of paper and aluminum packaging as a result of the combination of its own equity and experience and has achieved significant success by developing and improving its commercial relations with multinational companies.

Ethic Metal Recycling Industry and Trade Inc., in order to share all these experiences with the industrialists in our country and to bring our country to a better position in the global with new collaborations. launched his company.

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